The New York Times reports on gender imbalance on American college campuses, where women often account for as many as 55% of enrolled students. This is apparently making the few remaining men being chased by eager crowds of women, and the men hook up and cheat a lot. As explained by W. Keith Campbell, a psychology professor at the University of Georgia, which is 57 percent female: “When men have the social power, they create a man’s ideal of relationships,” which the author of the article translates as “more partners, more sex.”

Another interesting quote: “(…) the university [of North Carolina] has a high female presence in part because it does not have an engineering school.”

Meanwhile, in China lately about 54% of newborns are boys, a result presumably of selective abortions, motivated by a societal preference for male children together with the one-child policy. According to a Forbes article, this might be one of the causes of China’s extremely high savings rate, because “Wealth helps to increase a man’s competitive edge in the marriage market.”

(I found the Forbes article via a post on the excellent blog of Patrick Chovanec, a Tsinghua professor of economics. His posts on the real estate market in China and on regional differences are fascinating. Anyway, what is the mathematical mistake in his post linked above?)

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