[Using LaTeX2WP]

Click here to download LaTeX2WP version 0.6.2, May 20, 2009

LaTeX2WP is written in Python, so you’ll need a Python interpreter.

(If you are using Linux/Unix or OS X, then you already have it. If you are running Windows, go here and get the Windows installer for 2.6.1)

Uncompress the files of the LaTeX2WP distribution in the directory in which you are going to write your posts in LaTeX.

(On OS X, double click on the file latex2wp.0.6.2.zip after saving it; on Linux unzip latex2wp.0.6.2.zip. If your Windows machine says it doesn’t know what to do with a .zip file, get 7zip.)

Write your LaTeX post, say you call it spam.tex. When you are done writing your post, type from the command line

python latex2wp.py spam.tex

This will produce a file spam.html. Open it with a text editor, copy and paste it into the WordPress editor, and here is your post.

The file readme.txt describes some of the LaTeX features that are recognized by LaTeX2WP and those that are not. The file example.tex shows how to typeset in colors and include pictures and hyperlinks. It is easy to change the way theorems, section names, etc., are typeset, and to add simple macros. More about this on the Using LaTeX2WP page.