Not one of those girlie blogs

Microsoft Research has developed a tool to measure how butch is a web site. (Via Doug Tygar.) In Theory scores 54% male. It must be all those manly posts about math. (Although I have to agree with the first comment here.)


11 thoughts on “Not one of those girlie blogs

  1. yeah, and think that this demo also claims that google is used only by women ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. My very standard-boring academic page is 64% female. The page of Vogue is 60% female.

  3. The Berkeley computer science webpage ( is 89% female. I wish!

  4. Estimated gender predictions for CS department home pages:

    Washington CSE Female 98%
    Berkeley CS Female 89%
    MIT EECS Female 82%
    UCLA CS Female 81%
    UT Austin CS Female 80%
    Wisconsin CS Female 80%
    Harvard EECS Female 75%
    MIT CSAIL Female 70%
    Stanford CS Female 69%
    Harvard CS Female 64%
    CMU CS Dept Female 63%
    UCSD CSE Female 59%
    Berkeley EECS Female 57%
    CMU CS School Female 53%
    Georgia Tech College Male 53%
    Georgia Tech CS Div Male 56%
    Cornell CS Male 55%
    Princeton CS Male 60%
    Illinois CS Male 76%

    Any theories?

  5. no, in so far as the site actually says that Illinois is 54% female.

    on the other hand, is 72% male. but oddly enough, the NAMBLA home page is 60% female.

  6. Actually if you plug in
    and have URL rather than query clicked you do get 76% male for Illinois’ CS department website. Try it yourself.

  7. The last comment is correct, but the original poster clearly intended UIUC (Urbana-Champagne) and not UIC (Chicago), given the caliber of departments they listed.

  8. looks like the handy-work of Microsoft’s R&D group in Sigma in Beijng. the bad english in “Unknow with following probability” is a dead giveaway.

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