Yidali wan sui!

After Italy scored the overtime goal against Australia on Monday, CCTV commentator Huang Jianxiang went beserk, shouting 马尔蒂尼今天生日快乐, happy birthday Maldini, 意大利万岁 long live (literally, “live 10,000 years”) Italy, and so on. We share the sentiment. He later had to apologize.

At YouTube there is an extended transcript (in English).

By the way, is it Go West by the Pet Shop Boys playing at the end in the background?

Update: as the commenters correctly point out, Go West is by the Village People, and the Pet Shop Boys version is a later cover. Shame on me. To atone, here is the Village People video:

3 thoughts on “Yidali wan sui!

  1. Go West… yes, that’s playing in the background. It has mutated into a stadium hymn in the last years here. It’s German major league club Schalke’s fan son.. the words, in English go “get up, if you’re a Schalke fan”. Now for the World Cup the song goes “get up, if you’re a German fan”

    Sara in Germany

  2. Apparently, some other nations have also made different stadium hymns from “Go West”; e.g. the English sing “You’re Shit, and you know you are” to it. BTW it was only covered by the Pet Shop Boys, the original is by the Village People (of “YMCA” fame.)

  3. Jan was partial correct. The song played at the end of all the World Cup games is a new version of the song ‘Go West’ by the Village People and later covered by the Pet Shop Boys.

    The new version is by an Italian singer Patrizio Buanne and it’s called ‘Stand Up (Champions Theme)’.

    It was commissioned for the World Cup and was played at the end of every game.

    Strange how this song has gone from being a Gay anthem in 1970’s San Fransico to the 2006 World Cup!



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