Call it, already

Why did the liberal media call Florida for Bush in 2000 on a margin of less than .01%, while some news outlets are still calling Virginia too close to call after all votes are counted and there is a margin of more than .3%?


7 thoughts on “Call it, already

  1. No idea, but the 2000 Florida election had nearly 3 times as many voters, so maybe it has to do with statistical certainties, although that seems unlikely.

  2. Well, AP did call it for former Republican Webb.

    But the scandal of 2000 is exactly the reason for caution in the last election. The exit poll model has proven to be broken.

  3. I’ve also heard that there are considerably more absentee ballots than last time. With margins that small I can see being cautious would be a good move.

  4. I was amazed that, even early yesterday morning, a lot of news sites were still projecting “Republicans cling to Senate,” their argument being that the Democrats would need to take both Montana and Virginia to unseat them. Never mind that by all indications, the Democrats were going to take both of them.

    These people need to learn the union bound…

  5. I think that the reason that they did not call the election was because there was no reason to. All the ballots were counted and Webb was ahead. Clearly he had won unless there was a recount. That was the state of things, and everyone could see that. What would it have meant to call the election?

  6. I think the exact point is that the media learned from its mistakes in 2000. If you noticed, the networks in general were calling races much later than in previous years.

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