Madonna and Letterman (1994)

As a break from expanders and groups, here is Madonna’s 1994 notorious appearence on Letterman’s show.

The incident has its own Wikipedia entry, one more piece of evidence that Wikipedia is superior to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.


9 thoughts on “Madonna and Letterman (1994)

  1. Thanks for entertaining – the representation article was quite nice (I last read this topic when I was a MSc student); I feel that I am not American enough to understand why this episode is so notorious. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what being American has to do with understanding why the Madonna episode is so notorious (unless you don’t know who Madonna or Letterman are)

  3. Well, I guess you need to be an american in order to understand why is it a big issue to say on TV a four letter word that every child knows.

  4. Cursing is not the issue here. (And this episode does not reflect the silly notion that “Americans are prudes”.) The interview is notorious because of Madonna’s incredible rudeness and inappropriate and childless behavior (talking about peeing in the shower??!).

  5. And talking about peeing in the shower IS a big issue? Isn’t that prude? I think you can say that one needs to be a non-american in order to understand why an american will find this interview a big issue.

  6. This issue is not “peeing in the shower” per se; the issue is that she was speaking in non-sequitors and acting like an idiot in an interview on national TV. Does this sort of thing happen all the time in Europe or something?!

    For what it’s worth, I think her interview could have been seen as “edgy” (trying to avoid the standard interview format and trite questions), but she pushed it too far. (Regardless of your personal opinion about cursing, if the person you are speaking with asks you to stop don’t you think the polite thing is to do so?)

  7. Sounds like you’re the one with a problem. She’s not your bitch, don’t hang your shit on her.

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