Slaughtering the Cow to Get the Butter

Americans are fond of rankings and lists, and the end of the year is the time when you see top ten this and worst seven that wherever you look.

Media Matters has compiled a list of the 11 most outrageous comments of 2006 by right-wing commentators.

There is, for example, nationally syndacated obese radio host Rush Limbaugh pointing out that obesity is more prevalent in heavily Republican states and least prevalent in heavily Democratic ones, thus showing that obesity is caused by leftist liberal policies. But the best part is when he explains that, in dealing with the poor, the government is not teaching the poor how to slaughter the cow to get the butter, it just gives them the butter. Just listen to it.

Among the honorable mentions, nationally syndacated radio host Neal Boortz commented on the hairstyle of Representative Cynthia McKinney’s of Georgia as follows: “She looks like a ghetto slut.” Representative McKinney is black.

It is, however, the screen captions on Fox News which are the most hilarious.


1 thought on “Slaughtering the Cow to Get the Butter

  1. While Fox News is most certainly crazy, a friend of mine took a picture of a CNN headline that read “Warning: trains travel on railroad tracks.”

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