The new Prada phone looks good, and it comes with its own Prada leather case, but I’ll wait for the iPhone (or whatever it will be called), which is conveniently coming out just before my birthday.

What I am really looking forward to, however, is the iCar. It will cost $50,000, it will do 10 miles to the gallon, of a special gasoline sold only at Apple gas stations, and if there is a small mechanical problem you will have to ship it to Cupertino, where they will replace the whole engine for a convenient $10,000 fee. But, as the first car without a steering wheel, it will be so cool!

4 thoughts on “iWant

  1. As for the gas, you are probably referring to iGas. I am sure it is not a good choice.

    Let’s wait for the iHouse. This will be fascinating 🙂

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