Conquering Hearts, Minds, and Bumpers

In Baghdad.

(via Andrew Sullivan)


9 thoughts on “Conquering Hearts, Minds, and Bumpers

  1. I’m on your side most of the time, but posting this video with no explanatory caption, and only a snarky title strikes me as intellectually irresponsible. Clearly we’re meant to see arrogant American soldiers harassing innocent Iraqi citizens, but there’s no context for the video.

    Maybe they’re responding to some kind of medical emergency, or maybe a slew of their fellow soldiers were ambushed and killed the day before in the midst of a traffic jam, and their orders are to keep moving at all times. This is just as deceitful as posting a video of a black man wielding a baseball bat against a white man with the title “At least they can swing a bat” while not mentioning that the white guy is a burglar who broke into the house of a sleeping family.

    I expect this kind of ridiculous propaganda from, say, the christian right. Try not to join them.

  2. Responding to somekind of emergency? Have you seen any police cars or ambulances bumping on other people’s cars to get through traffic? This kind of behavior clearly shows no respect for Iraqi people.

  3. Have you seen any police cars or ambulances bumping on other people’s cars to get through traffic?

    Nikos: did you hear them banging on the horn the whole time asking for motorists to move aside? Did you notice that many motorists did so when they heard the horn and they only bumped those who didn/t? We need context to make a proper judgement, the video is propaganda.

    And so you know, if you ever happen to find yourself bleeding-to-death in the back seat of my car (I hope not) rest assured that I’ll bump the car in front if it is not moving, so I can get you to the hospital while you are still alive.

  4. And I’ll sitting next to the above anonymous capturing the “rescue mission” on camera.

  5. Yes, clearly the US military is a bunch of bloodthirsty hooligans with absolutely no respect for Iraqi civilians. Playing bumpercars on the streets of Iraq is a daily occurrence there, as is torture, hangings, and other acts of random violence.

  6. Even if i disagree with the whole american attitude towards the Iraqi conflict, i have to say that being in constant movement must be the safest thing to do for a vehicle of the american army. Stopping by for a little while could be the difference between being dead or alive. Not to mention that this vehicle could be an ambulance or something similar.

  7. The youtube comments might provide a bit of insight on what’s actually going on in this video.

  8. Does it matter? They are fighting each other more than they are fighting us. We don’t need to win hearts and minds right now, just attempt to provide some security.

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