Please, no pigs in the subway

And that includes you!

I could not figure out what’s the item on the bottom left.

Incidentally, the recent spike in the price of pork was a major news item.


6 thoughts on “Please, no pigs in the subway

  1. I think it’s more that they want to make sure any pigs you bring on the subway are either alive or awake. No sleeping and/or dead pigs allowed…

  2. Helium balloons are dangerous in the MTR mostly because they could float up to short the high voltage electric cables. Plus, no one likes to hear a noise of explosion inside an underground train station…

    Oh, and the roast piglets are very delicious! I surely miss this dish.

  3. I’m guessing the ban on pigs could be an act of deference to those whose religion forbids the consumption of pork.

  4. My guess was that it just meant “no food” or “no large food items,” and that it was not meant to prohibit pork per se.

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