An Unusual Recruiting Pitch

Women in their sophomore or junior year of college who are thinking about doing research and going to graduate school should read this article (via Andrew Sullivan). Living the life of the mind is very rewarding, and, apparently, the chances of dating male models are not bad either. (If the author could get some mileage out of being an undergrad at Harvard, just imagine what it can do for you to be a grad student at Berkeley!)


4 thoughts on “An Unusual Recruiting Pitch

  1. What about berkley male grads convincing the female athletes of the harvard grad programs of their intuitive fair-play?

    Not metro-sexuals, but plain all-around intelligence at its best, smartest, down-to-earth casul…

    Nitti Gritty,


  2. Anon #1, if you can’t spell “Berkeley,” there is a lot of unwarranted optimism in your plan of appealing to women via your all-around intelligence.

  3. How about an unusual application from a prospective female grad student who is very keen on pursuing a PhD in theory but doesn’t have the right connections(read Non-IITian background)?

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