Overheard in San Francisco

Young Homeless Guy is sitting on the floor with a cardboard sign. Another guy walks by, holding what look like large leftover bags from a restaurant.

Guy With Bags: [stops and offers the bags] would you like something to eat?
Young Homeless Guy: is there garlic or avocado in it?
GWB: I don’t think so, why?
YHG: I am allergic to both. Especially avocado: when I eat it, my throat gets all scratchy.


5 thoughts on “Overheard in San Francisco

  1. I once oferred a homeless guy who asked me for a quarter because he’s hungry, a muffin I just bought (I was sitting in the outdoor part of a cafe). He took it in his hands, examined it, and then said no thanks and returned it back to me. Annoying!!

  2. Another example of how Europe is investing a lot of money in research? Are there any theorists in the US who ever got that much money for a research award?

  3. A couple of times, after failing to finish a ginormous salad at Intermezzo (in Berkeley), I tried to give about half a salad to a YHG outside Intermezzo. The response one gets is “what dressing is it?”.

  4. This seems reasonable to me. If he’s allergic, he’s allergic.

    Even if he’s not – and it’s true, I’ve never heard of an avocado allergy – I can imagine why someone in that situation might refuse something. Maybe there are times when feeling like you have some choice in your life is more important than having something to eat.

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