It Works Every Time

Mayor Newsom pwned the protesters with the oldest trick in the book, the bait-and-switch. The Olympic torch relay was scheduled to start near the stadium, and go along the Embarcadero (the Eastern waterfront) until Fisherman’s Wharf; police barriers were set along the route, and thousands of people, including countless would-be protesters, converged there.

But, after a lightening ceremony at the stadium, the flame was then taken to a bus and rushed to Van Ness, whence it was uneventfully relayed along a secret alternate route that took it North to the Marina (the Northern waterfront), and near the Golden Gate bridge, while all the protesters were stuck along the Embarcadero.

Now the flame is back to San Francisco airport, and going to Buenos Aires. Or isn’t it?


8 thoughts on “It Works Every Time

  1. This sounds like a win-win: the Mayor gets to pull of an ingenious stunt to avoid protesters, and the story gets published everywhere (first article shown on Google News right now, along with 7685 related stories (3 times more than the “American stranding 100,000 passengers” story!)), which is the end goal of a protest anyway.

  2. I don’t get it; why not just cancel the whole damn thing? Isn’t the point that the people of SF get to participate in part of the Olympic ceremony? Many stories are painting this as clever, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. I guess it’s about the machismo of the Mayor vs. the machismo of the protesters?

  3. on a a related note … is it just me or have recent events made the company of Chinese people almost-universally insufferable, with unceasing curses about the “ingratitude of the Tibetans”, denunciations of the “terrorist protestors”, and lectures on “the feudal slaveholding class in the prerevolutionary Tibet” ?

  4. Elliptic, I don’t know because I wasn’t there; I was, hard to believe as it is, working in Berkeley. But I hear there were plenty of people bused in by the Chinese consulate waving huge Chinese flags and yelling at the protesters.

  5. As San Fransisco is the only U.S. city on the relay route, of course there are out-of-towners that want to come and support the Olympics; just as there are protesters coming from other areas.

  6. kh9, coming on your own is significantly different than being bused in by the Chinese consulate just to get a greater headcount for the counterprotest

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