Socialists in the Senate: USA 1 – Italy 0

What has happened in Italy is still too painful to talk about, but consider this: the Honorable Bernie Sanders, the junior Senator from Vermont, is a Socialist. Because of the bad timing of the elections, quirks of the new electoral law, the ever-present suicidal tendencies of the Left everywhere, and the way the new “Partito Democratico” was founded, there is now no Leftist party in the Italian Senate, for the first time since the Republic exists. The most progressive party is this new left-center-right party whose members range from moderates to Catholic conservatives (read: religious nuts), and which has the American Democratic Party as a model.

It was even worse in the race for Mayor of Rome, which was, to translate to the American setting, one between a more openly Fascist version of Giuliani and a less progressive version of Huckabee.

And I predict that soon the Chinese will be able to say, sure CCTV is a lying state-controlled propaganda machine, but have you seen RAI?


5 thoughts on “Socialists in the Senate: USA 1 – Italy 0

  1. I know the feeling, the frustration of realizing that some thing cannot be achieved and that people does not even care about, just surviving, with just fear of changing. E il “Furbismo”.

    I’m also looking for a program to save Italian mathematicians, at Berkeley or any other democratic country 🙂
    Thanks for your post.

  2. This is painful, but things are even worse than you write.
    The Left party is not represented in any of the two houses of the Italian Parliament (Camera and Senato).

  3. I would not be so pessimistic for two reasons. First, italian politicians are mediocre across the spectrum. Our economists (of any stripe) are pecularly bad. I am thinking of Martino, Tremonti, but also Padoa-Schioppa. And the sorry state of italian scientific research is partly the result of local governance (which was, and still largely is, provided by left-leaning scientist/administrators). Of course things will get worse, but I am afraid they would have gotten worse anyway. Second thing: regarding the reconfiguration of political parties: there is a serious chance than in five years at the latest a prime minister will be actually supported by a more homogeneous center-left party.

  4. 1) The sorry state of italian scientific research is the result of the big MAFIA that affects the public competitions and that includes the majority of Italian professors.

    2) In five years the disgusting center-left party that you mention will either a) run the competition alone, and loose again (which is good); b) run the competition along with the communist/socialist party, in this case it could win but it will not be homogeneous at all.

    3) I don’t see any “left” in the party that you mention, actually the only real left Italian people stay in the jail (under the oppression of your favourite center-“left” politicians).

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