The China Theory Week

I am spending a month in Beijing. This week the China Theory Week is under way, the second in a series of annual events bringing graduate students from all over to Beijing for a week of talking about theory.

In October, there will be the China Symposium on Theoretical Computer Science, which is like the Theory Week but with older people.

Yesterday I spoke about my work on spectral methods for Max Cut, on which there have been a couple of advances since I posted about it here: (i) Moses Charikar has improved my analysis of the recursive algorithm, and (ii) I am now able to handle (in a complicated way and with very poor bounds) the “Max Cut Gain” problem.

I will write about it here, but first I will have to find out how to do it. WordPress is blocked, I have not been following all the explanations about “tunneling” and “proxy servers,” and so far the only way I have found to post here (open a remote desktop on a Berkeley computer) is excruciatingly slow and not conducive to write math (which needs previews etc.). Meanwhile a revised paper is available online.


4 thoughts on “The China Theory Week

  1. I was in Tsinghua for three weeks in May. What I found out was that they actually had (temporally?) unbanned most of the websites – though I don’t remember if WordPress was one of those. How’s the banning going nowadays, seems to be back?

    I found a simple way to tunnel firefox on windows, then though, so probably some sites were still banned:

    – open putty (may be works with some other ssh clients too), in opening
    screen left select SSH -> tunnels

    Add new forwarded port:
    source port: 7070 (say)

    Please greet the people there – esp Christophe, Elad, Andrej, Amy Wang, all the secretarial staff!
    destination: anything that allows ssh forwarding (your work machine)
    Click on ‘dynamic’
    press add

    connect now to some site

    – after doing that with putty, in firefox take ‘configure how firefox connects
    to the internet’

    manual proxy, socks host, port 7070 (say)

    Tis should work.


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