Deeper Levels of Meaning

We can all chuckle at the advertisement for the spa at the Wenjing hotel in Beijing

(Funny translations are not of course confined to East Asia. When I was in Lipari this summer, a sign in my hotel room instructed me to “keep quiet in case of fire.”)

But I think that as interest in China continues to grow in the West, we are going to see more and more incidents like the one suffered by the Max Plank Forschung. (Via Boing Boing.)


One thought on “Deeper Levels of Meaning

  1. Huh. When I saw the image you linked to, but before I scrolled down to the rest of your text, I thought the thing we were supposed to chuckle at was the photographer’s clumsiness at including his own reflection in the image.

    I’ve seen several links to the Max Planck incident. It’s hard to imagine how they could have been so ignorant. And the replacement image they chose isn’t much better — they could have put something meaningful there, but it appears they care only for the visual appearance of the characters.

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