Innumeracy will cost you

Background: one-way fares on San Francisco MUNI lines (buses and subways) is $1.50, it is $.50 for minors under 18 and seniors over 65.

Today at the Powell MUNI station:

Young Lady Stuck at the Turnstile: I put fifty cents and it won’t let me in.

Muni Employee Inside Glass Booth: the machine doesn’t know how old are you.


MEIGB: when is your birthday?

YLST: August 28, 1984. . .

[YLST’s friend, behind her, stifles a laugh]

YLST: No, I mean, 1988 . . .

[YLST’s friend starts laughing out loud]

YLST: . . . No, it’s . . .

[MEIGB shakes her head, YLST walks away followed by her friend, leaving behind the $.50 she has already put in the turnstile.]

3 thoughts on “Innumeracy will cost you

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