Neutronic Encryption

Via Boing Boing and Bruce Schneier, I bring you the web site of singularics corporation.

I cannot do justice to it, because every sentence on every page is very special, but here is about one of their products:

One very important result from our advances in mathematics is a new patent-pending encryption algorithm called Neutronic Encryption™. Unlike strong encryption algorithms widely used today, Neutronic Encryption is not based directly on fixed prime points, but rather on the Neutronic forces that govern the distribution of the primes themselves. The resulting encryption is theoretically impossible to break.

And, in more detail,

Singularics has advanced the state of the art in cryptography by developing a new theoretically unbreakable public-key algorithm called Neutronic Encryption™.

Our advances in Prime Number Theory have led to a new branch of mathematics called Neutronics. Neutronic functions make possible for the first time the ability to analyze regions of mathematics commonly thought to be undefined, such as the point where one is divided by zero. In short, we have developed a new way to analyze the undefined point at the singularity which appears throughout higher mathematics.

This new analytic technique has given us profound insight into the way that prime numbers are distributed throughout the integers. According to RSA’s website, the RSA public key encryption algorithm has an installed based of nearly one billion. Each of these instances of the prime number based RSA algorithm can now be deciphered using Neutronic analysis . Unlike RSA, Neutronic Encryption is not based on two large prime numbers but rather on the Neutronic forces that govern the distribution of the primes themselves. The encryption that results from Singularics’ Neutronic public-key algorithm is theoretically impossible to break.

And you know what else you can do with this newly discovered netronic forces of the primes, besides breaking RSA and realizing impossible-to-break encryption? You can prove the Riemann Hypothesis.

And let’s not forget about Singularics Power, which produces clean energy. (I believe this is the home page of the company’s CTO.)

7 thoughts on “Neutronic Encryption

  1. My favorite (from the “About Us” page):

    “[The CTO] has developed a new area of number theory known as Neutronics as well as his mathematical invention of Anarithms, a major leap from logarithm theory into numerous unexplored areas of natural processes.”

  2. “Singularics Corporation is an early stage company currently seeking investment.”

    Maybe they should start by collecting the $2m for the Riemann hypothesis and P vs NP?

  3. CTO Jeff Cook: expert on Antigravity, Perpetual Motion & Aliens.
    Seriously, what more could an investor want?

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