LaTeX2WP minor update

LaTeX2WP is a program that converts a LaTeX file into something that is ready to be cut and pasted into the WordPress online editor. It makes it easier to write mathematical posts, to post lecture notes on WordPress, and so on.

A new version is now available, which fixes a couple of bugs:

  • WordPress has trouble if a mathematical expression containing < is followed by a mathematical expression containing >. This is prevented by converting the inequality symbols to their HTML “character codes.”
  • The previous version of LaTeX2WP had trouble with long sentences in square brackets; this is fixed.

In addition, \S for § and \v{C} for Č (as “in Stone–Čech compactification”) now work.

3 thoughts on “LaTeX2WP minor update

  1. Sorry, impossible for me yet to do with python, latex2wp etc.
    When I type on command line python is not known
    ¿Where I must put Python in my machine?

  2. Do you have a windows machine?

    You can install Python anywhere, but you should make sure that the directory in which you have the Python interpreter is included in the ‘PATH’ variable that Windows uses to keep track of where the executable programs are. See the faq here:

    If it doesn’t work or if you don’t have windows, feel free to comment again

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