6 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. He was so good-looking (I know that was already after some (unecessary) plastic surgery, e.g. nose) and what a brilliant dancer! Too bad he couldn’t be content with what he had.

  2. I had heard of the name Michael Jackson when I did not know what he did or where he lived (Frankly, did not even know about a country called US). I guess his popularity was more like Einstein – people who do not what he did know of him.

  3. go easy on the guy. his plastic surgery etc likely stemmed from his abuse as a child, and he had a skin disease. i guess geniuses often live tortured lives.

  4. There are many geniuses with more serious mental abnormality (John Nash, Glenn Gould) yet duly respected. We don’t blame those geniuses for their mental illness (which are even viewed as the side effect of the talents, aren’t they?). And we don’t say “Gould is messed up yet his music is good”. We say “Gould is great and he sings while playing!”.

    In my view, Michael Jackson’s eccentricity has been greatly emphasized and negatively painted, thereby missing the point (his music) and wasting his genius.

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