Binary Search Proves Existence of God

No that’s unfair, but this post sort of argues that efficient algorithms disprove the non-existence of God.

Anyways, it’s an actually good introduction to concepts in theoretical computer science appearing in one of the most widely read political blogs.

11 thoughts on “Binary Search Proves Existence of God

  1. The problem with this article, as well as the op-ed piece that appeared in the ny times a few weeks ago, is that most scientists will not argue with the “existence of god” if god is simply used to mean some unexplained initial conditions from which the universe arose. But these authors want to go from god to God, whom they can pray to for their grandmother’s cancer, their soccer team’s winning record, and possibly the violent destruction of people with whom they disagree.

    I had this discussion with a friend

    “why can’t god just be a name for the things we can’t explain?”

    “wait, are you saying that god made you 2 hours late for dinner?”

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  3. Sullivan seems to almost be arguing for the existence of God-as-hacker, which I’d suspect to be more popular among scientists in general, and particular CS folk, than the common idea of a personal God.

  4. Silly progressive species on their way to Infinity , constantly being hit In the head by a coke bottle from heaven above ! The fist occurrence Is what we are searching for although there has never been one ! INFINITY kind of overlaps boundaries to a full circle ! All Is possible and real ” for us ” ! Existence creates Itself to our fashion ! There are no ” GODS ” , only that which we create ! Isn’t It time we continued along our evolutionary path ? Isn’t It time we discard self Interest to pursue our real goal ? Knowledge ?

  5. I will stop posting on this site If If I don’t receive any Intelligent , Introspective , Thought-out responses , Queries or rebuttals beyond silly Prejudiced Opinions ! As wrong as we construe someone of being , WE are here to EXPAND OUR MINDS , not to be critics ! We are here TO UNDERSTAND THE UNUNDERSTANDABLE ! We as a simple Biological Creatures , In our present phase of evolution , and In the past have always COMPETED , the next phase Is to COOPERATE ! If you research The term ( Get Along ) It means to Cope , Develop , Do , Fare flourish , GET AHEAD , etc. etc . All for one’s self Interest ! Our language has been created for us to misinterpret what We communicate to others within a system which deprecates us and those we try to communicate with ! We try to communicate and the person we’re communicating with thinks we are saying something else ! We communicate WITH a system of communication Which does not at all define Our Intention !

  6. My theory: The big bang was the beginning of everything including God. The odds of any life starting in a hostile environment with dirt, rocks, lava, lightning is miniscule. However, in the vast universe, maybe it could have happened. But to think that somehow it happened and then found a way to reproduce is crazy. The odds are beyond comprehension.

    My thought is that God was the life form that somehow started out of nothing. I think he is comprised of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos in a vast binary code and that he is everywhere.

    I also think that it’s possible that after he grew enough and gained enough intelligence, he started tinkering with creating some computer style programs and then decided to tinker with trying to create cells that reproduce. And I think that he would create something and then decide to tinker with the design and create something else. And then something else. And bigger and smarter and stronger. Similar to the evolution of our robotics and computers.

    I think the dinosaurs were an experiment of sorts and that he determined that maybe they were too big or something… There was a flaw in the design somehow, so he decided to get rid of ’em. Maybe he had a master plan to create people at some point and he determined that the two could not co-exist. So I think he wiped ’em out.

    Now we may be discovering that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light. And although we can’t see neutrinos, they exist. I’d be willing to bet there are other sub-atomic particles that we don’t know exist and there could be particles that we just don’t have the technology to detect.

    All life is basically computer programs that tell cells how to process molecules according to their deoxyribonucleic acid codes. We are all just a bunch of robots. In fact, calcium is a metal. Our frames are made of a metal. Isn’t that cool? Somebody had to write that code into our programs (dna) that says how to process and utilize calcium when we ingest it.

    Our dna is incredibly complex. Too complex to have just happened. 1 cup of dna holds the equivalent data of like 3 trillion compact discs.

    I don’t think it’s a big stretch to think that god is created of a code that would be much easier to happen randomly… binary code made of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos.

    I think it’s silly to believe that God was just layin’ around for trillions upon trillions of years doing nothing prior to Big Bang. It just doesn’t make sense. I like to believe that’s when he was created and that he created us and that all living creatures are really just computer programs running various styles of robots.

    I’ve been doing a little bit of research on this subject and can’t seem to find anybody who has a similar view. Nobody seems to talk about these concepts. I’d be interested in hearing some comments on my thoughts.

    Terry Allison

  7. One additional comment… I think it’s possible the reason God doesn’t have a wife is because that first life-form (God) comprised of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos in a binary code, could not reproduce.

    God eventually became able to create things, but he never had a partner with whom he could reproduce.

    One final thought for now… I feel like my thoughts on this subject perfectly jive science and religious points of view. I really don’t feel that anybody could make an intelligent argument against them. Thoughts?

  8. Another comment… In recorded history, there is no documented, factual evidence of evolution. Thus it is called the Theory of Evolution. Theories by definition have not been proven. I believe that Neanderthal man, for instance, was created by God and God decided that he wasn’t satisfied with the design, so the project was curtailed in favor of a newer better project. I believe that similarities in species of animals are the result of design tweaks rather than unexplainable and unproven adaptation. Kind of like the “evolution” of the Corvette. The vehicle didn’t adapt on its own. Its designers changed it and basically forgot about the previous versions – scrapped ’em if you will. But there is still evidence that the previous versions existed. Millions of years from now, somebody could look at the ‘evolution’ of the vette and think it happened magically by chance so the corvette could better survive its environment. This just wouldn’t be true, but I can see how somebody could inaccurately draw that conclusion.

    The closest thing we have documented to evolution is mutation. And mutations are almost always harmful and do not start a new line of creatures.

    In my mind, my theories, seem to be the only inarguable melding of science and God. Would love to see some comments.

  9. Terry, the best place to discuss your theory is

    You may also want to think about whether your theory of God as a binary code of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos might be the right approach to the P versus NP question, and I am sure that Scott would love to hear about it.

  10. I see God as eternal and not created from nothing.
    Time did not exist until the big bang so he wasn’t just floating around for billions of years before the big bang. Space matter and time were created in the big bang. Before time there was only God, an infinite eternal singularity.
    In the beginning (time) God created the heaven (space) and earth (matter).

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