Many Happy Returns

The PRC celebrated its 60th birthday on Thursday. After the many man-made disasters of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the quality of life of apolitical Han Chinese living in big cities has been improving dramatically in the past seventeen years. Now if only they can reduce pollution, rein in corruption, establish an independent judiciary, allow freedom of expression, religion, and association, reverse the ethnic and cultural dilution of minority regions, and lift the quality of life of rural areas, the 100th birthday will be a truly joyous occasion.

This is the funniest commentary I have found on the festivities. The references to Hu Jintao will not make sense unless you watch this video

5 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns

  1. Really? Wouldn’t you like to see a bit more of this democracy thingy? Not to mention China, hmmm, very mixed recent history (Mao, the cultural revolution, the massacre in 89, etc).

  2. Join the party! Come Oct 1 2010, you could be having xiaolongbao with Wen Jiabao instead of prosecco with the rompicoglioni (what is that anyway?)

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  4. Hu is currently the most powerful man in China, but no that powerful to implement so many dramatic changes as you mentioned. He didn’t manage to choose his successor as his wish.

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