6 thoughts on “再见谷歌

  1. I am not sure who is more arrogant. The Chinese government censoring information from its people, or Google trying to open China up.

    I also think the article is a bit misleading. “The only difference was military weapons in the past and Internet service today.” It’s funny the editorial is saying “only”. Because it is a big difference. It can be put as “The only difference was swords in the past and pens today.”

    I personally wonder why Google is sacrificing so much for the Chinese people. It can easily comply to the Chinese government and make money out of China.

    But fundamentally, is it right for any government to withhold information from its people?

  2. I took the picture above of the google sign with the single wreath of flowers around noon. Now it’s 9:30pm and there is a whole shrine of flowers and notes (one says “in google we trust”) and a huddle of people, three-deep, taking pictures of each others and of the sign.

  3. Now it’s Tuesday morning and the google sign is clean, nobody is hanging out, except a lone reporter with a video camera that nobody is talking to, and there are three police cars not-so-discreetly parked nearby. (By the way I am not stalking the google headquarters, they are just on the way from my place to coffee, so I pass by a few times a day.)

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