September Weather in Beijing: Priceless

Most, but by no means all, things are cheap in Beijing. Some examples:

Beef and mushrooms over rice, served in a cute wooden bucket, 15 RMB ($2.25)

Small caffè latte, 30 RMB ($4.50).

Rather large whole fish, supposedly live from a tank, cooked in a spicy sauce, 45 RMB ($6.50). Was shared by four people.

Cocktail from a bar that white people like, 70 RMB ($10)


6 thoughts on “September Weather in Beijing: Priceless

  1. Was the beautiful leaf-shape in the latte part of the reason it was so expensive? In Japan, it could be 🙂

  2. If it’s just the shiso that makes it expensive, I’d be surprised. But I did buy a shiso plant for home so that I stop having to pay for it at the Japanese store.

    It probably has more to do with the bar being where white people like to go plus the cost of imported booze.

  3. How did you find that fish? I’ve been in Beijing for over four years, but I’ve never found a fish cooked in that way so cheap…

    Besides, according to my experience, the meat in that bucket was chicken. We don’t cook mushrooms with beef very much.

  4. Actually, things in Beijing are rather expensive in my eyes. But it still astonished me that you can find these delicious food at such low prices.

  5. That had been highly imformative. I appreciate you all of the content.

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