Quote of the day

[Johan Hastad delivers a survey talk revisiting classical questions in circuit complexity that have been open for decades. Russell Impagliazzo asks a questions at the end]

R.I.: Johan, is there any problem in circuit complexity that you think is open not because it is so hard but because it has been overlooked, people haven’t thought so long about it, and maybe it is more tractable?

J.H.: if I knew of such a problem, I would solve it.


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. I guess Hastad had not heard of the Linial-Nisan conjecture. That was not so hard (in retrospect).

  2. Was this a recent talk – if so, where and when? I’m curious to know what the classical questions are that Johan considers interesting…

  3. Funny but problematic answer. There are always such problems, and I’m sure Hastad knows of a few, though maybe not off the tip of his tongue.

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