CS261: The Book

Despite no popular demand, I have collected all the notes from CS261, the course on algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems that I taught in the past term, in one pdf file, available here, and I have created a new page to collect links to my lecture notes.

For the occasion, I have also posted a single file containing the notes from my Spring 2009 class on the foundations of cryptography. As explained in the foreword to the crypto notes, they use a definition of CCA-security that is wrong, that is, a definition that is weaker than the standard one in a way that actually allows potentially dangerous attacks. The weaker definition, however, is much simpler to define and work with, and I think it is pedagogically justified. I believe that everything else in the notes is consistent with standard definitions. As far as I know, the notes are the only place in which one can find a concrete-security treatment of zero knowledge.

9 thoughts on “CS261: The Book

  1. Thanks! And there is demand. Many of us that are not in academic institutions rely on online lecture notes.

  2. Despite my lack of demand, I had quite the intention of doing something like that. You save me this trouble, thank you so much!

  3. Thanks very much for packaging the CS261 material this way. I’ve been following the series and really appreciate this compilation. I did share on reddit/r/csbooks. The moderator is wondering if you plan publish this book in the classical sense.

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