In Soviet Russia, computer reboots you

A wonderful scholarly work on the history of computing in the Soviet Union is now available as a free ebook. It doesn’t talk about the “cybernetics” Soviet school of theoretical computer science, except for a section on Akushsky (who worked on computer arithmetic) in which Kolmogorov is mentioned in passing, but it is still a very interesting book.

3 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, computer reboots you

  1. Somewhat related:

    A Survey of Russian Approaches to Perebor (Brute-Force Searches) Algorithms (1984)


    Concerns about computational problems requiring brute-force or exhaustive search methods have gained particular attention in recent years because of the widespread research on the “P = NP?” question. The Russian word for “brute-force search” is “perebor. ” It has been an active research area in the Soviet Union for several decades. Disputes about approaches to perebor had a certain influence on the development, and developers, of complexity theory in the Soviet Union. This paper is a personal account of some events, ideas, and academic controversies that surrounded this topic and to which the author was a witness and-to some extent-a participant. It covers a period that started in the 1950s and culminated with the discovery and investigation of non-deterministic polynomial (NP)-complete problems independently by S. Cook and R. Karp in the United States and L. Levin in the Soviet Union.

  2. In Soviet Russia, Soviet Russia makes Soviet Russia reversal jokes to you.

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