1 thought on “Putting the theory back in the innovations

  1. Luca Trevisan, Italy has been producing wonderful computer theoritists. They are publishing at STOC, FOCS, SODA. Really impressive.

    My questions are: (a) Does Italy give the deserved value to these researchers? (b) Does US give this deserved support for researchers?

    I am in Brazil, and I assure you that the Brazilian Government does no give the appropriate support for researchers. I published 2 papers on conferences last year, and I had to use my own money to pay for flight tickets, hotel, etc. You know, it is really said to me to say this stuff. As opposed to US, the Brazilian private companies do not support the universities either.

    I’ll try to conclude my graduate studies in Europe or US. So I would like to ask you what should I expect from the research community in Europe or US.

    I already had the will to put in my papers “Independent Researcher” instead of putting my “affiliation”, but I had to hold this urge.

    Another question of mine: (c) How many times a month should an advisor meets with his students? What is normal case?

    These questions are open to everyone interested in sharing his/her opinion on the subjects. I am asking these questions because my experience is restricted to a specific Computer Science department at my university. Maybe, for example, in other Brazilian universities the situation is different.

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