The New York Times on Fractions

From the New York Times coverage of the Iowa caucuses:

It was the closest race in the history of the Iowa caucuses. In 1980, George Bush beat Ronald Reagan by two percentage points; only a tenth of a percentage point separated Mr. Romney from Mr. Santorum on Tuesday.

They were separated by 8 votes out of more than 120,000 voters.


5 thoughts on “The New York Times on Fractions

  1. Certainly this is an annoying mistake, but I find it far more insidious that the NY Times called Romney the “winner” just so they could have a narrative. Those 8 votes were well within the margin of error for the haphazard caucus counting process.

  2. I think the writer looked at the results (Most places reported them to the nearest tenth, and by coincidence Santorum rounded down to 24.5%, Romney up to 24.6%) instead of actually working through the math.

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