STOC 2015

STOC 2015 will be in Portland (yay!), and part of FCRC (boo!). The call for papers is out.


4 thoughts on “STOC 2015

  1. I’m aware of the many problems of FCRC (shame on ACM for not having resolved them in the 21 years since the first one was held).

    Nevertheless having a federated conference is a net positive and we should endeavor to iron the kinks out rather than refusing to participate. Kudos for STOC being there. Now I hope SIGACT officers give ACM hell about the many bugs in FCRC. Point them to ALGO in Europe so they can see how a federated conference should be run.

  2. Are you sure it is the webpage for STOC 2015? I pretty much looks like STOC 1990… I just hope my non-theoretician collegues won’t see it, I’d be their laughing stock!

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