Chariots of Fire: Silvio Micali on Oded Goldreich and Scientific Collaborations

At the aforementioned Oded Fest that took place at Weizmann a couple of weeks ago, Silvio Micali read from an epic prepared speech, which tied together the early work on foundations of cryptography, ancient Greece, the Renaissance, Viennese cafés, and the movies “Chariots of Fire” and “The Seven Samurai.”

Silvio has given his kind permission to share the speech, and he has put it in a pdf form that includes the pictures that he used as slides.

Here it is

2 thoughts on “Chariots of Fire: Silvio Micali on Oded Goldreich and Scientific Collaborations

  1. Can someone shed light into this statement:

    “At 60, Oded continues to cling to a notion of Science where advisors NURTURE their students, but never coauthor their students’ findings. Where awards DISTORT scientists’ drive towards true improvement. Where scientists forgo writing a few more articles, so as to write books and provide a solid stepping stone for new generations. […] Isn’t about time for Oded to open his eyes and accept the Reality of Science?”

    What is the Reality of Science? Is it the negation of those statements? Whatever it is, is Oded not aware of it, or he is but he refuses to abide?

  2. Thanks for posting this splendid write-up of Micali’s talk. As usual with Micali, it is truly inspirational. Were the talks recorded? I, for one, would love to watch the video of this presentation.

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