A Couple of Announcements

In the second week of July, 2022, there will be a summer school on algorithmic fairness at IPAM, on the UCLA campus, with Cynthia Dwork and Guy Rothblum among the lecturers. Applications (see the above link) are due by March 11, 2022.

We will soon put up a call for nominations for the test of time award to be given at FOCS 2021 (which will take place in Boulder, Colorado, in early 2022). There are three award categories, recognizing, respectively, papers from FOCS 2011, FOCS 2001, and FOCS 1991. In each category, it is also possible to nominate older papers, up to four years before the target conference. For example, for the thirty-year category, it is possible to nominate papers from FOCS 1987, FOCS 1988, FOCS 1989, FOCS 1990, in addition to the target conference FOCS 1991.

Nominations should be sent by October 31, 2021 to focs.tot.2021@gmail.com with a subject line of “FOCS Test of Time Award”. Nominations should contain an explanation of the impact of the nominated paper(s), including references to follow-on work. Self-nominations are discouraged.

In the second week of November, 2021, the Simons Institute will host a workshop on using cryptographic assumptions to prove average-case hardness of problems in high-dimensional statistics. This is such a new topic that the goal of the workshop will be more to explore new directions than to review known results, and we (think that we have) already invited all the authors of recent published work of this type. If you have proved results of this type, and you have not been invited (perhaps because your results are still unpublished?) and you would like to participate in the workshop, there is still space in the schedule so feel free to contact me or one of the other organizers. For both speakers and attendees, physical participation is preferred, but remote participation will be possible.

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