Bocconi is hiring Assistant Professors of Computer Science

Bocconi University is recruiting for tenure-track positions in computer science.

Some details are here. Candidates must apply online by January 15 (end of day Central Europe time) for the application to be considered. To apply online, go to and look at the only opening that has a Jan 15 expiration (currently it is at the top of the list). The negotiable start date is September, 2022. By that time the new Computing Sciences department will be fully operational.

We are interested in all areas of computer science. Alon Rosen, Dirk Hovy and I are very happy to talk to prospective candidates about what the university is like and what are its plans for developing computer science.

The university pays internationally competitive salary and provides relocation assistance. The language of instructions of all computer science courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels is English.

Scholars of any nationality who have not lived in Italy for the past two years and who move to Italy to take a university tenure-track or tenured position pay almost no income tax for six years, or more if they buy a home in Italy and/or have children under the age of 18.

For Italians working in Italy: this position is governed by a private-law contract with Bocconi, which is not the same as a RDTA or RDTB position, although the terms are similar.

Subject to a successful mid-term review (which usually happens after three years), and a successful tenure review (which happens within five years from the mid-term review, or possibly earlier depending on the background of the candidate), assistant professors are promoted to associate professors with tenure. (For those familiar with the Italian system, the latter positions are fully recognized as professore associato by the ministry of university.)

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