Workshop on Fairness in AI

Next Monday, June 27, I am organizing a workshop on issues around fairness, bias and discrimination in AI and Machine Learning.

Here is a link to the program. Remote participation is possible (link in the website), and in-person participation is free but we ask people to register so we can print badges and order the appropriate number of coffee breaks.

This workshop is being organized in partnership with EDGE, an Italian NGO that works on LGBT rights, and it is the first event of their initiative “A+I: Algoritmi + Inclusivi”, which will feature an awareness campaign and a series of video interviews that will start after the summer.

In next week’s workshop, Oreste Pollicino from Bocconi will talk about the perspective of the legal community around algorithmic discrimination, Symeon Papadopoulos from ITI Patras will give a survey on issues of fairness in image processing and image understanding, Sanghamitra Dutta from J.P. Morgan AI will talk about how to use the theory of causality to reason about fairness, Debora Nozza and Dirk Hovy from Bocconi will talk about issues of fairness in language models and natural language processing, and Omer Reingold from Stanford and Cynthia Dwork from Harvard will talk about modeling and achieving fairness in prediction models.

The last morning session will be a panel discussion moderated by Damiano Terziotti from EDGE about perspectives from the social sciences and from outside academia. It will feature, among others, Brando Benifei, a member of the EU parliament who has played a leading role in the 2021 draft EU regulations on AI. The other panel members are Alessandro Bonaita, who is a data science lead in Generali (Italy’s largest insurance company), Luisella Giani, who is leading a technology consulting branch of Oracle for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Cinzia Maiolini, who is in the national secretariat of CGIL, an Italian Union, and Massimo Airoldi from the University of Milan.

If you are in or near Milan next week, come to what is shaping up to be a memorable event!

2 thoughts on “Workshop on Fairness in AI

  1. That’s really funny to have somebody from JP Morgan talk about fairness… Fairness in AI is one thing, but it would be great to hear her about fairness in slavery, fairness in investment (cf Magnetar Capital), etc.

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