Goings-on in the Bay Area

On Thursday, May 5th, David Karger will come to Stanford to give the second Motwani Lecture in theoretical computer science. As for the inaugural lecture there will be a reception in the Gates building and then the lecture will be at 4:15pm, this time in the Allen building. Recall that parking is free after 4pm.

Then you can go wild with Cinco de Mayo parties in San Francisco, recover from the hangover on Friday, and then head to Berkeley where, during the weekend, there will be the second conference on computation as a lens for the sciences. The speakers will include freshly Turing-awarded Leslie Valient. The event promises to be even better than the famously successful first conference in 2002.

FCRC will bring STOC and the Complexity Conference to San Jose on June 4-11. San Jose is the third largest city in California. Which are the top two?

During the next academic year, there will be a special year on Theory of Computing at Stanford, sponsored by the Computer Science department. There will be workshops, long- and short-term visitors and other stuff going on, about which more later.

The first confirmed event will be a workshop on going beyond worst-case analysis, organized by Tim Roughgarden. Confirmed plenary speakers are Avrim Blum, Bernard Chazelle, Uri Feige, Richard Karp, Michael Mitzenmacher, Dan Spielman, and Shang-Hua Teng.

The workshop will be on September 19-21.

The Inaugural Motwani Lecture

The Stanford theory group is starting a once-a-term distinguished lecture in computer science, in memory of Rajeev Motwani.

We were very happy that Moses Charikar agreed to deliver the inaugural lecture, which will take place tomorrow, Thursday, at 4:15pm, in the Mackenzie Room, on the third floor of the new Engineering Complex. Moses will talk about dimension reduction in L1.

If you are coming, please also join us at 3pm for wine and cheese at the second-floor library in the Gates building.

Parking is free everywhere after 4pm.

More about the goings on at Stanford: theory.stanford.edu