Bocconi is hiring Assistant Professors of Computer Science

Bocconi University is recruiting for tenure-track positions in computer science.

Some details are here. Candidates must apply online by January 15 (end of day Central Europe time) for the application to be considered. To apply online, go to and look at the only opening that has a Jan 15 expiration (currently it is at the top of the list). The negotiable start date is September, 2022. By that time the new Computing Sciences department will be fully operational.

We are interested in all areas of computer science. Alon Rosen, Dirk Hovy and I are very happy to talk to prospective candidates about what the university is like and what are its plans for developing computer science.

The university pays internationally competitive salary and provides relocation assistance. The language of instructions of all computer science courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels is English.

Scholars of any nationality who have not lived in Italy for the past two years and who move to Italy to take a university tenure-track or tenured position pay almost no income tax for six years, or more if they buy a home in Italy and/or have children under the age of 18.

For Italians working in Italy: this position is governed by a private-law contract with Bocconi, which is not the same as a RDTA or RDTB position, although the terms are similar.

Subject to a successful mid-term review (which usually happens after three years), and a successful tenure review (which happens within five years from the mid-term review, or possibly earlier depending on the background of the candidate), assistant professors are promoted to associate professors with tenure. (For those familiar with the Italian system, the latter positions are fully recognized as professore associato by the ministry of university.)

Bocconi is Looking for Assistant Professors in Computer Science

[application page] [call for applications]

Bocconi University is looking for two Tenure-Track Assistant Professors in Computer Science, for positions starting in Fall 2021. This is in the context of a build-up toward a new department focused on Computer Science, which is part of the University’s strategic plan, and which is expected to be launched by Fall 2022.

Bocconi is Italy’s premiere private University, located in Milan. It is well known for its excellence in Economics and Management, and a few years ago it has begun a push into the hard sciences and engineering. Currently it offers a Bachelor on Economics, Management and Computer Science, a Bachelor on Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence, and a Master’s in Data Science and Analytics. There is a PhD program in Statistics and Computer Science. Additional programs related to computing are being planned.

The University negotiates salaries on an individual basis, and is able to put together very competitive offer packages. Scholars moving to Milan from outside Italy gain, in addition, a 6+ year tax break (90% of the salary is exempt from income tax). The University provides relocation benefits and employs full time staff to assist non-Italian-speaking faculty. Students are admitted on the basis of a competitive admission exam. A large fraction of them are foreigners, and the general academic level is fairly high.

A special note for Italians on how the position relates to positions in public Universities (in Italian because this is only a local concern): la posizione di “assistant professor” è simile a quella di RTDA, ma è un contratto di diritto privato. Dopo una valutazione intermedia, si passa ad una posizione simile a RTDB, ma sempre con un contratto distinto di diritto privato, e dopo una tenure review si viene promossi ad associati. I ruoli di associati ed ordinari sono inquadrati nel sistema nazionale e parificati (a parte la possibilità di una integrazione salariale) ai corrispettivi ruoli nell’università pubblica. Anche se non sono io la persona più qualificata per discutere questi aspetti, rispondo volentieri a qualunque domanda.

Post-doc Opportunities in Milan

[call for applications] [application form]

I am recruiting two postdocs for two-year positions to work with me starting in Fall 2021 at Bocconi University. The positions have competitive salaries and are tax-free. If applicable, I will pay for relocation expenses, including the assistance of a relocation agency for help in finding a place to live and activate utilities, to complete immigration formalities, and to sign up for the national health care service.

Milan has been suffering as much or more than other European and American big cities for the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. I have seen Milan in its normal condition for a few months from September 2019 to February 2020, and it is a beautiful cosmopolitan city, with an active cultural and social life, and with beautiful surroundings. Like San Francisco, it is smaller than one would expect it to be and very walkable (no hills!). Bocconi is situated in a semi-central area, about twenty minute walk from the Duomo.

I have received a large European grant that, besides paying for these postdoc positions, has a budget for senior visitors and for organizing two workshops over the duration of the grant. In particular, I was planning a workshop to be held last May in a villa on Lake Como. All such plans have been on hold, but Fall 2021 should be around the time that the global pandemic emergency ends, and I am planning for a lot of exciting scientific activity at Bocconi in the academic year 2021-22 and beyond.

I am looking for candidates with an established body of work on topics related to my research agenda, such as pseudorandomness and combinatorial constructions; spectral graph theory; worst-case and average-case analysis of semidefinite programming relaxation of combinatorial optimization problems.

Here are the call for applications and the application form.

Postdoc Position at Bocconi

I am recruiting for two postdoctoral positions, each for one year renewable to a second, to work with me at Bocconi University on topics related to average-case analysis of algorithms, approximation algorithms, and combinatorial constructions.

The positions have a very competitive salary and relocation benefits. Funding for travel is available.

Application information is at this link. The deadline is December 15. If you apply, please also send me an email (L.Trevisan at to let me know.

So you want to move to Milan

Ten weeks into my move to Italy I am feeling more and more settled. I even eventually got a Milan bus card, which proves that if you really believe in yourself you can achieve anything. I held a midterm for my theoretical computer science undergraduate class, and there were zero students asking for special accommodations and zero students complaining to me about their grade.

According to our national tradition, I like to complain, but Bocconi is really not giving me much to work with.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you. I am going to assume that you want to come to Milan, because, really, why not? Here are some ways in which this can happen:

  • You are a high school senior and you would like to study computer science in college, but you like math as well: next academic year, Bocconi is starting a new undergraduate program on math and CS
  • You are an undergraduate or masters student applying to PhD programs and you would like to work with me: next academic year, Bocconi is starting a new PhD program on statistics and computer science
  • You are a theory PhD student and you are looking for what to do next summer: I would be interested in hosting graduate students for part of next summer, especially during the month of July. Ask your advisor to contact me if this is something that you would be interested in
  • You are a graduating theory PhD student and you are looking for a postdoc next year: I will have one or two openings for postdocs next year. The call for applications will be up soon. The tax-free salary will be very competitive and Bocconi has exceptionally well-functioning processes to get non-Italian-speakers settled in, help them do the immigration paperwork, look for housing, finding English-speaking primary care physicians, etc.
  • You are (or might be tempted to be) on the job market for a faculty position: in light of all the new initiatives on computing, and the current staff of one computer science professor, Bocconi would like to hire at all levels, preferably at the levels of Associate Professor or Full Professor, in computer science, especially in theory and in AI. Salaries are very competitive, they are essentially tax-free for six years for people who have not lived in Italy in the past two years, all teaching is in English, and the university makes it very easy for foreigners to settle in.
  • You are a professor and your sabbatical is coming up, or you arranged your teaching to have a semester without teaching to do some traveling: contact me if you are interested in visiting for any length of time.

I am in Baltimore for FOCS through Tuesday morning if you want to talk to me in person.