I have posted a new version of LaTeX2WP, a program that converts a LaTeX file into a format that is ready to be copied into WordPress.

The new version fixes some bugs and has some new features:

  • Thanks to code contributed by Radu Grigore, it is now possible to nest bold inside italic, and there is a better overall support for font styles. (Which is also easier to customize.)
  • eqnarray* is now supported.
  • LaTeX commands are correctly “tokenized” before certain macros are applied. For example, LaTeX2WP recognizes the macro \P for \mathop{\mathbb P}. In the previous version, however, the above transformation would also be applied to the initial \P in \Phi. Thanks to Terry Tao and “ccarminat” for noticing this bug.
  • Commands such as \$ and \% now work in math mode. (\& does not work, but this seems to be a WordPress problem.) Thanks to Atri Rudra for noticing this bug.
  • Quotation marks are applied to the URL in \href and \hrefnospan. The lack of such quotation marks sometimes creates problems with \hrefnosnap.
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