I am a UC

This week, the New York Times Magazine has a conversation with University of California President Yudof. He explains that what we really have are salary cuts, and that he is calling them furloughs just to humor the faculty, who thinks that furloughs “sounds more temporary.” (Meaning, evidently, that they are not.)

Also, surely I am not the first one to notice the resemblance to John Hodgman.



6 thoughts on “I am a UC

  1. Wow. Remarkably arrogant. I guess he’s willing to lower his salary to only $400K is he can have a private plane and nicer digs than $10K/month in rent. How generous. Makes me want to give money to Cal.

  2. Unfair to grouse about *his* salary! He gets what he can, it is up to the regents to rein that in. It is the fraction of the budget going to administrators in general, and the administrator-and-other-staff to faculty ratio that people should be putting his feet to the fire for.

    Also not nice to lambaste him for being honest about the faculty salary cut. I’d much rather have that than some weasel-words. Let people know why the faculty are pissed!

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