Introducing Bocconi’s new M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence

This September, Bocconi will start a new M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence. It will be a two-year computer science degree meant for students with Bachelor degrees in computer science, engineering, math, statistics, physics and related quantitative fields.

In the first year, courses on algorithms, mathematical methods, optimization, information theory, and software engineering will build a foundation in math and CS, then courses on deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing and computer vision and image processing will go in depth on machine learning and some of its applications. In the second year there are various options and elective courses, with the possibility to study, for example, cryptography and blockchains, or bio-medical applications. As common for the second year of Bocconi’s M.Sc. degrees, there will be options for exchange programs to spend a semester abroad. Students also take a seminar on ethics in AI, a project-oriented AI lab, and a foreign language (not English and not the student’s native language) course. The language of instruction is English.

Tomorrow at 5pm CET there will be an online information session: those interested can sign up here.

More information about the degree are at

Applications open today and are due by May 25th.

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